NinjaTrader 8 Trade Copier

Revolutionize Your Trading Strategy with Our NinjaTrader 8 Trade Copier

Are you a seasoned trader managing multiple accounts on NinjaTrader 8? If so, our NinjaTrader 8 Trade Copier is an indispensable tool that will redefine your trading experience. Not only is it the perfect solution for those handling diverse trading portfolios, but it also offers unrivaled capabilities for seamless crossovers between Micros and Minis.

Why Choose Our NinjaTrader 8 Trade Copier?

  1. Effortless Trade Copying: Our trade copier automates the entire process, seamlessly copying your trades, ATMs (Automated Trading Strategies), and making precise adjustments to take profit and stop loss orders across all your accounts. Say goodbye to manual input and ensure consistency in your trading strategies.

  2. Multi-Account Trade Copying: Whether you're trading in one account or many, our tool simplifies the process. Copy trades from one master account to as many follower accounts as you desire(maximum 20). It's a time-saving feature that ensures uniformity across your trading portfolio.

  3. Smooth Micro to Mini Transition: With the ability to trade both Micro and Mini contracts, you can swiftly adapt to market conditions and seize opportunities with confidence. Our tool ensures that transitions between different contract sizes are smooth and hassle-free.

  4. Mirror ATMs, Stop Losses, and Take Profits: Your ATM strategies, stop loss orders, and take profit levels are faithfully replicated across all your accounts. Watch as these essential components are automatically adjusted in real-time, maintaining consistent risk management across the board.

  5. Customized Contract Sizes: Tailor your trading to meet your specific objectives. You can trade different contract sizes within your follower accounts based on a ratio that suits your strategy. For instance, you might choose to trade two mini contracts in one follower account and a micro contract in another.

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