Frequently Asked Questions

Does NinjaTrader have a trade copier?

Yes, we have the NinjaTrader 8 Order Duplicator (Trade copier) available. You can test our software for free with the 3-day trial version.

Is there a free NinjaTrader trade copier?

Yes, we offer a 3-day trial so you can test our software without spending money. If you want to continue trading after the trial version, you have to purchase the lifetime version.

I didn't received any email after my order. Is there something wrong?

Sometimes our emails end in the spam mailbox. Please check that mailbox and mark our email-adress as a trusted email-adress.

Why would I need the Order Duplicator?

With the NinjaTrader 8 Order Duplicator you can trade on multiple accounts in Ninjatrader 8 without the delay for manually open the orders on each account. With the Order Duplicator the orders will be opened in a second on all follower accounts.

What account do I need for the Master Account with the Order Duplicator?

We recommend the "Sim101" account as Master Account, this is the standard setting. But you can use any account that you want.

Can I open orders on different instruments with the Order Duplicator?

Yes! With the NinjaTrader 8 Order Duplicator you can choose a different instrument on each Follower Account separately.

How does the Order Multiplier work with the Order Duplicator?

With the Order Multiplier you can choose how many times you multiply the amount of orders that you opened on the Master Account to the Follower Accounts. You can set the multiplier to each Follower Account separately.

Does the Order Duplicator work with ATM strategy?

Yes! With the Order Duplicator Version 3.01 and higher the follower accounts copy exactly the atm strategy.

Does the Order Duplicator also work with the SuperDom or OCO orders?

Yes! The Order Duplicator gets a signal when any order is opened on the Master Account. This works also with ATM strategy, SuperDom and OCO orders.

Where do I find my Ninjatrader Machine ID?

Go to the "NinjaTrader Machine ID" Page for all the instructions. Click here to go to the page.

How can I install the Add-On?

To see the instructions for installing the Add-On click here.

Can I change the Machine ID for my NinjaTrader license?

Yes, when you need to change your Machine ID you can fill in the form on our website. After you confirm your e-mail address, we instant change your Machine ID. Click here to go to the form.

How can I update the Order Duplicator?