NinjaTrader 8 Add-On Instructions

After Purchase and download of the Indicator, you need to install the Indicator on NinjaTrader 8. See the instructions below.

Step 1:

When you open the Control Center in NinjaTrader 8, go to the "Tools" section.

Click on the "Import" button and then "NinjaScript Add-On"

Step 2:

Choose the zip file that we send to your email adress. (No need to unzip the file)

Step 3:

Open a chart, click on the "Indicator" symbol.

Step 4:

Search for the indicator "TradingSolutions Order Duplicator", select the indicator and then click on the "Add" button.

Step 5:

On the right side you have all the properties of the Indicator. Standard the Master Account is on "Sim 101", but you can use any other account. You can now start to setup all the Follower accounts. For each Follower you have to choose which account you want to use.

Step 6:

Then choose an instrument for each Follower account. You can mix it up for each account separately. If you want to trade multiple instruments on one account, just make a new Follower with the same account and choose a different instrument.

Step 7:

You can choose a multiply factor. This will increase the amount of orders that you placed on the Master Account.


Example: When you place a long order on MNQ with 3 contracts, and the multiply factor on Follower 1 is on 2, you will open 6 contracts on Follower 1.


The minimum value is 1, so you can't take less orders then the Master Account.

Step 8:

When you finished all the properties, you can Save the settings as a template. The next time when you open the indicator you can load your template. This will save a lot of time.

Step 9:

Before you start trading, make sure that you use the selected master account to trade on. All the Follower accounts will open the same orders as you opened on the master account.

Step 10:

Important!!! Always monitor your open positions. You can see this in the control center screen. When a error occurs, there is a possibility that orders won't close. This is your own responsibility, Trading Solutions is not responsible for any errors.

Step 11:

On the chart you will see the accounts. When orders are opened on the master account and follower accounts the color will be green.


When the master is flat and followers have orders open, the color will be red for the follower accounts which have orders open. This indicates as an warning that you need to check your open positions.


When the master or followers are flat, the color is white.

Step 12

In the indicator properties you can choose to plot the open positions on the chart or not. Simply uncheck the checkbox if you don't want to see the open positions. You can also choose which text size you want.

Step 13

We built in a support function. When you experience any problems with opening orders through the order duplicator, you can contact us. After contact you then can mark the checkbox for support. Then we will receive the orders that you send through the order duplicator, so we can take a look what is not working well. To ask for support please go to the contact page.

Important!! Only select the support checkbox after contact with us. When support is selected, this will significant delay opening orders because the order duplicator will send info about each position to us.

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