Inside & Outside Candles

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Inside & Outside Bars Indicator for NinjaTrader is a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading strategies by identifying key price patterns known as Inside Bars and Outside Bars. This indicator not only highlights these patterns on your charts but also provides customizable alerts and logs all alerts in the Alerts Logs for your review.

What Are Inside and Outside Bars?

  • Inside Bar: An Inside Bar is a candlestick pattern where the current bar's high is lower than the previous bar's high, and the current bar's low is higher than the previous bar's low. In other words, an Inside Bar is fully contained within the range of the previous bar. This pattern often indicates a period of consolidation and low volatility, suggesting that a breakout might be imminent.
  • Outside Bar: An Outside Bar, on the other hand, is a candlestick pattern where the current bar's high is higher than the previous bar's high, and the current bar's low is lower than the previous bar's low. This pattern reflects high volatility and can signal strong market activity, often leading to potential reversals or continuations.

Why Are They Effective in Trading?

  • Inside Bars: Inside Bars can be highly effective in trading as they represent periods of consolidation. When the price breaks out from this consolidation, it can lead to significant price movements. Traders often look for breakouts in either direction as potential entry points.
  • Outside Bars: Outside Bars are indicative of strong market moves and can signal the start of a new trend or the continuation of an existing trend. They provide clear signals of market strength and can help traders identify potential reversal points or continuation patterns.

Key Features

  • Sound Alerts: Stay ahead of the market with our customizable sound alerts. You will be notified immediately when an Inside Bar or Outside Bar pattern is detected, ensuring you never miss an important trading opportunity.
  • Chart Signals: Visual signals are displayed directly on your NinjaTrader charts, making it easy to spot Inside and Outside Bar patterns as they form. These signals help you quickly identify trading opportunities without having to constantly monitor the charts.
  • Alerts Logs: All alerts are stored in the Alerts Logs, providing you with a comprehensive record of all detected patterns. This log helps you analyze past alerts and refine your trading strategies based on historical data.
  • EMA Plotting: Plot an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on your charts to aid in your analysis. This feature helps in identifying trend direction and potential support or resistance levels.
  • Conditional Buy/Sell Signals: Choose to enable or disable the option to show buy signals only above the EMA and sell signals only below the EMA. This feature adds an additional layer of confirmation to your trades, enhancing the reliability of the signals.


The Inside & Outside Bars Indicator for NinjaTrader is an essential tool for traders looking to leverage powerful price action patterns in their trading. By identifying Inside and Outside Bars, providing immediate alerts, and logging all signals, this indicator enhances your ability to make informed trading decisions. Whether you are a novice trader or an experienced professional, incorporating this indicator into your trading toolkit can significantly improve your market analysis and trading performance.
Experience the difference in your trading strategy with the Inside & Outside Bars Indicator, exclusively available for NinjaTrader.