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3 days ago

I use the Order Duplicator every day when I am trading. It's easy to use and helps me to copy my positions fast to my other accounts. I recommend to use this copier when you use multiple accounts.

14 days ago

Support team is very helpful!

Stefan G.
a month ago

This tool is very handy. I can copy my positions without any issues.

A. Riegel
a month ago

I like the order duplicator a lot. It's simple and works well. The support team is quick to answer my questions.

a month ago

Very good copier for ninjatrader! I like the new features. Keep up the good work!

2 months ago

A very good piece of does the job, and more...and Dion is very helpful to help you set it up and with other questions you might have

2 months ago

Using the Order Duplicator has made my trading simpler. Copying trades is straightforward, and the support team is always available.

2 months ago

J'ai acheté l'Order Duplicator et il fonctionne très bien. L'équipe est également très impliquée et répond rapidement à mes questions.

3 months ago

This is a very good copier for ninjatrader. Good that you have the free trial available. 100% recommend.

Carlos S
3 months ago

You guys have good software!

3 months ago

The latest update for the order duplicator is seriously impressive. The new features make it easier than ever to manage all my follower accounts, and the risk management system adds an extra layer of protection to my trades.

3 months ago

I recommend! Excellent support and constant updates with improvements.

3 months ago

The order duplicator is a great tool. Also very reasonably priced.

4 months ago

Really good tool to copy my positions to my other 5 accounts. Positions are copied within a second, I can't do it faster manually!

Alex K.
4 months ago

Good, fast and reliable program for Ninjatrader. You guys get 5 stars from me!

4 months ago

Huge thanks to the support team for their quick assistance! They went above and beyond to resolve my issue, and I couldn't be happier with the level of service.

4 months ago

I've been using this copy trader for a few months now, and I am still happy with the software.

4 months ago

If you're looking for a copy trader that just works without all the fuss, look no further. This one does exactly what it says.

J. Greenwood
5 months ago

So good that you guys have the free trial available. This made me try the order duplicator and buy it after trial period. Happy to use the order duplicator with my accounts!

5 months ago

I was looking for a copier software on the ninjatrader ecosystem, and I stumbled upon this copier. To my surprise, other copiers were at least double the price. This copier works good and does the job.