NinjaTrader 8 Order Duplicator Lifetime

€250.00 €99.00

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Introducing the ultimate trading copier for NinjaTrader! Elevate your trading game with our cutting-edge Order Duplicator, now with enhanced features designed to supercharge your trading experience.

  • Harness the power to effortlessly copy your trades across up to 20 follower accounts simultaneously!
  • Say farewell to forgotten open positions with our innovative Auto Flatten function, ensuring no open positions are left behind.
  • Seamlessly import templates directly from the interface, streamlining your trading setup process.
  • Gain precision control with the ability to copy limit orders exclusively to live accounts. We exclude simulation accounts due to issues at simulation engine.
  • Take charge of your risk management with our comprehensive system in place.

And much more features await you! Watch the video below to witness the future of trading in action.

Disclaimer: The use of this tool is your own responsibility. Trading Solutions is not responsible for any errors. There can be any errors on NinjaTrader or at the broker, therefore there is always a possibility that orders will stay open. You should always monitor all your open positions and open orders.