NinjaTrader 8 Order Duplicator Lifetime

€150.00 €75.00

Check the Machine ID instructions page how to find your Machine ID



This is the #1 copy trading tool for NinjaTrader. With this tool you can copy your own trades to multiple accounts from the same broker. If you use Propfirms with multiple accounts this is a must have for you.

- Trade up to 20 accounts

- ATM strategy and limit orders directly copied to Follower accounts!

- Open orders between different instruments

- Possibility for an order multiplier (open less or more orders on specific accounts)

- Plot the open positions on the chart (see images). Possibility to turn it off in the properties.

- Support function. Use this function only after contact with support. See Add-On instructions for more info.


Check the video below!


The use of this tool is your own responsibility. Trading Solutions is not responsible for any errors. There can be any errors on NinjaTrader or at the broker, therefore there is always a possibility that orders will stay open. You should always monitor all your open positions.